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The Bravo chair has an eye-catching design that lends a sophisticated aura to your comfort zone. Beneath the attractive surface, Conform’s reliable craftsmanship is there to give you unpretentious relaxation for decades to come. With it's slimline form it fits into your space perfectly.

In JESOLO 56 leather group.

Height 106cm Width 65cm Depth 87cm

Seat height 39cm Depth 49cm

Swivel chair with return memory, with or without tilt function.

Feet with return memory in molded aluminum.

Making chairs in Sweden for 40 years, Conform understands how a user’s lower back changes and how a body’s center of gravity shifts is essential in our product development. They call it the sitting curve, and they have been following it for decades. It has pushed their furniture to the international front lines of comfort.

When making an organically shaped armchair, with movable parts, you need the sensibility of an experienced craftsman. The upholstery must be stretched just right to avoid wrinkles and gaps, surfaces must meet each other with exact precision.

To order with a lead time of 4-6 weeks.

If you would like to discuss any chairs with different finishes leather or textile, please get in touch, we are happy to help. We also have the Bravo chair in our Whitstable showroom, come and take a seat! Conform configurator :

Footstool listed seperately.

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