oak frame


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These oak frames by Danish design company Moebe consist of two pieces of acrylic glass, four oak lists, and a rubber band. The rubber band both holds the frame together and serves for hanging the frame on your wall. The simple but clever construction allows the frame to be hung in either direction or even to be viewed from both sides, giving your artworks or photographs the focus they deserve. 

Can be hung horizontally or vertically. Smart rubber band construction.

  • Materials

    Untreated oak (PEFC 100 %)
    Acrylic glass
    Rubber band

    A5: 23 x 16,8 x 1,2 (H x W x D)
    A4: 31,7 x 23 x 1,2 (H x W x D)
    A3: 44 x 31,7 x1,2 (H x W x D)
    A2: 61,5 x 44 x 1,2 (H x W x D)


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