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The Wheat 'CARE' collection is made of a sustainable material, where 35% plastic is replaced by wheat fibres, and the remaining 65% is nothing less than 100% recycled plastic. On top of that, the fabric used on all speakers consists of 98% recycled polyester.

It is small enough to carry in your bag, but with large enough impact to help you through a busy everyday life where an outlet can be out of sight.

Charge your device anytime, anywhere. 

Android smartphone and tablet compatible. Charging cable included to charge the power bank.

Not Apple compatible, you will nead an adapter on your phone charging cable.

• Dimensions: 85*46*26 mm
• Weight: 68g
• Charging time: 2-3 hours
• Including USB-C charging cable*
• Build in Lithium battery with 3000mAh
• Suitable for smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices
• Input power: 5V / 2A
•Output power: 5V / 2A

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