Scandinavian Touch is a boutique interior design studio and shop of Scandinavian Products.

We are an independent interior design showroom selling Scandinavian furniture and homewares with a strong local connection to the Kent seaside town of Whitstable.

We take pride in connecting with and serving our local community and welcoming customers from near and far. With the experience of a family interior design business in Norway for over 22 years, we bring those design skills and creativity to the town.

Whether you are looking for a special gift, something unique for your home or advice on a design project, we are here to work with you to bring your home that Scandinavian Touch!


Many of our products especially furniture and furnishings can be custom made and made to order in different colours, sizes etc. That’s the great attribute of Scandinavian design, flexibility, practicality and simplicity.

The Shop

We choose the brands we stock in our shop very carefully. We make sure they are unique, practical, multi functional and stylish. We have worked with some of our suppliers for many years and trust their products. We are constantly looking for new products and innovative ideas in the Scandinavian market to bring to our customers, therefore creating a unique shopping experience.


As interior designers, we like to put our customers at the centre of the design process, in order to help them to decide what style would suit their lifestyle. Then we can support that process working with the customer looking at all aspects of their lives, so they make an informed choice about the design in their home. We offer a full design and build service aswell as working with creative local companies who produce kitchens and bathrooms.
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